• Italy: Trentino Alto Adige
  • USA: California
  • Australia


  • It won’t be an easy task to find it in your local wine store but if you do, give it a go and make sure to have a copious dinner with it


  • Decant for up to 1 hour
  • 16 °C – 18 °C (60 °F – 64 °F)
  • Bordeaux glass


  • Grilled and roasted lamb, stews, smoked pork, tuna, salmon
  • Lagrein cheese, feta, goat cheese, Gouda, Roquefort, Raclette

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Lagrein is grape from Trentino-Alto Adige in the North of Italy. Although its home is Italy, today you can find some Lagrein in Australia and California as well. It is a grape that produces full bodied red wines with a deep inky color that are high in tannins but with a pleasant acidity.

Since the Alto Adige region is so close to Austria, Lagrein wines can often have Italian and German labels. As a red wine you can find it under the name of Lagrein Scuro in Italian and Lagrein Dunkel in German. The grape can also produce a great rosé which in Italian will be called Lagrein Rosato while in German Lagrein Kretzer.

Lagrein is often produced as a varietal wine but can also be used in blends especially with Syrah and sometimes Dolcetto. The latter blend can be found in some Australian producers. A younger Lagrein will be aromatic with notes of plum and berries. Aging in oak will add spiciness and soften the tannins.